Thursday, November 21, 2013

RA RA RA! by John O. Landon

Ok.... Here's some bad made funny! I hate Common Core so much, but I couldn't let my students feel defeated! My students took the 8th grade Science Common Core Benchmark exam yesterday. During the exam they needed to use the Periodic Table of the elements which I handed out at the beginning of the exam... To which they asked, "Mr. Landon, what is this?" Well, I couldn't tell them anything but that it was the periodic table of the elements and they may need it for the exam. Today, I put this image on my board and asked what it was... They all correctly told me, "The periodic table!!" Then I played the hook in GaGa's song, Bad Romance and waited. It took them a minute but they got it and they laughed and sang along! One student then said, "You have too much fun planning your lessons, don't you Mr. Landon!" I said, "I sure do!"

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