Thursday, July 4, 2013

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Edited for clarity.

My administrators tell us "it's the noble thing to do." 
As an English teacher at a Title 1 school, we are expected to put in all necessary efforts without pay to get the standardized scores up, write new curriculum for CCSS, and if we don't it is marked on our evaluation and we are chastised in front of everyone during meetings and we are considered selfish and unprofessional. 

We tutor for the...standardized tests for three months before it, after school, no pay, and our scores go up and they give us a breakfast of bagels one morning and say "good job" while patting us on the head like dogs.  It's offensive how they value our time. 

They won't pay us during the summer to write curriculum for CCSS because by law they have to pay 22.50 per hour, so they are waiting for school to start so they can just force us to do it during our "free" time. I don't know how much longer I can just do the "noble" thing without being valued. They take advantage of our teachers' good hearts. 

I will do anything to help my students, but it would be nice to not only be able to pay my bills, but also have a personal life.

-Name withheld to protect the hardworking

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