Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Teacher's Response to's Anti-Teacher Commercial by Alana Milich

I know this is minor compared with what's going on in the DOE, but it irritated me enough to write to about their commercial.

Here is the text of my email:

After watching your ad in which a kindergarten teacher is letting her class run wild with no supervision while she contemplates her vacation choices, I am moved to do something I've never done before- write a company to complain of the image they are portraying of my profession. As a 15 year veteran teacher, I can assure you that my stress does NOT come from the students in my classroom. My stress comes from endless meetings forcing me to enact tactics that do not help my students learn and achieve; my stress comes from not getting a cost of living raise in 10 years; my stress comes from national figures who know nothing of public education working to destabilize our system in favor of private, religious, and for-profit charter schools that are free to discriminate against differently-abled children with no penalties.

Isn't there enough teacher bashing without you adding to the myth of the inattentive, non-caring, child-hating teacher?

If you want to show a teacher needing a vacation, how about showing one burnt out on caring too much? Giving of her own time and money to her kids while an uncaring administration makes ridiculous demands on her? That would be relatable and not turn off the 3.1 million public school teachers in the US.

Thank you,
Alana Milich

Update - Here is the reply from

Dear Dr. Alana Milich

Thanks for your feedback.

We’ll be sure to pass it on to those relevant. At [link removed] we value all professions, including teachers, and this ad was only intended as a light-hearted bit of fun. We are passionate about connecting our customers with great stays, empowering them to experience the world in the easiest, most seamless ways possible, which this advert aimed to convey.
Kind regards,
Kyrillos Saeid
Customer Service Team


  1. I think that this is a good thing you decided to stand up for yourself. People do need to understand that us teacher never feel at ease when they are with kids, we even care about them when we are at home, we plan and schedule activities for them, we want them to be brave and educated. We want the students to know what is a case study and we want them be independent in their educational process. So, I hope you understand that ads are rarely focused on smart people and people who are smart enough won’t take it seriously.

  2. Badassteahers? Ha, you need to relax. It's a commercial. Taking yourself so seriously says a lot about how stressed you really are. The commercial was about making travel plans as stress free as possible, the hectic classroom was set dressing. No one was degrading your profession. As a teacher you'd think you of all people would be able to read between the lines.

  3. Wow, teacher bashing.........really? Pat yourselves on the back. You really do listen and dissect those mindless and annoying commercials. So, if you consider was actually bashing your profession, then you must believe stepping on an ant is murder.

  4. LOL...getting butthurt over this commercial is plenty of things, but badass isn't one. Get over yourself.

  5. This post isn't defending the honor of teachers so much as it makes us (really, mostly just you) look like humorless crybabies. I'm a kindergarten teacher teaching for 15 years who's accommodating a range of abilities and personalities, and I thought this ad was hilarious. Betsy Devos is doing way more damage to the profession than my need for a vacation. Go get overwrought over that.