Sunday, March 8, 2015

Common to the Core

Behind closed doors and out of the light
Gates & the governors figured no one would fight

The meek and the mild would do as they’re told
Never knowing their child was bartered & sold

They laid their groundwork for taking control 
As politicians took money in trade for their soul

Building a database to mine and command 
Tying it completely across the “free” land

Education for profit “It’s the new Gold Rush.”
Pushed by Obama and started by Bush

No Child Left Behind - “Whoops we missed a few!”
Race To The Top - “Look at the hoops we can make them jump through!”

We’ll keep them spinning as we change the laws
Push it though fast to conceal any flaws
No problematic Constitution to derail OUR cause

Stick to the Core! Follow the rules! 
PARCC their minds! They’re nothing but tools.

Sweet trusting parents, what little fools
We’ll take over their children while they sit there and drool

We’ll probe their psyche and emotional gears
Selling their secrets their dreams and their fears

Causing anxiety, stress and tears
While tracking their data through all of their years

The power over all, so glorious to behold
One day every minion will do as they’re told

We’ll decide who they are and how they should act
Teach them “Our Truths” and to not worry about facts
Teach them to fear so they’ll never talk back

From cradle to grave the invasion complete
The next generation so easy to keep
When taught and molded into mindless sheep

There’s one little item on which they forgot to reflect
While pushing their agenda and hedging their bets

When you threaten our children be certain of this
You’ll come upon parents who are raising their fists

Our number though small grows larger each day
As we reach out to others and show them the way

We have the power, WE have the say
Now take your agenda and just go away

One more thing they failed to see
There are still those who know what it means to be free

~~Kimberly Santora Mendes
Originally posted on Opt Out NJ - Choose2Refuse

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  1. Your poem made me feel the evil of corporate ed. reform! I'm serious - I really felt so creepy when I read it. I reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe or The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. I would love to see this poem performed at the BATs Congress in July. I can even hear the sound effects - eerie wind blowing, birds screeching, etc. Really excellent writing. Are you a writing teacher?