Saturday, June 21, 2014

New York Badass Teachers Association

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Mark Naison, Co-founder  BATs
Marla Kilfoyle, General Manager, BATs

Badass Teachers Association -

The New York Badass Teachers Association (BATs), an activist organization of over 2000 educators, are releasing this statement to voice their displeasure with the APPR deal reached by Governor Cuomo and NYSUT.  This deal, which allows a teacher who is rated ineffective or developing to get a second review without the Common Core tests aligned to their evaluations, is an insult to educators, parents, and students in New York.   

 “This does nothing to alleviate the testing driven curriculum and the prescriptive one-size-fits-all instructional methodology that accompanies it. This is more window dressing to try to save Cuomo from embarrassment in the upcoming elections ,” stated NY BAT Bill Heller

Marla Kilfoyle a NY BAT administrator states, “Where is the relief for our students? They are still exposed to a test driven APPR system, Common Core tests, pilot tests for Pearson, and regents exams.  Where is their relief? Gov. Cuomo, the Regents, and John King have turned education in NYS into chaos” 

BAT Co-Founder Mark Naison added, “" Any policy which does not immediately and dramatically reduce the amount of testing in the public schools of New York State is just plain wrong."

NY BATs demand that Governor Cuomo, Regents, John King, and state lawmakers begin to examine their disastrous education agenda.  Their education agenda has caused chaos in NYS schools and is not good for children, teachers or education!  We need to prioritize student needs over corporate interests. NYS children deserve a rich education that is full of music, art, child-centered curricula, and fun!       


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  1. Also, consider the headlines generated by the agreement, basically saying Albany was giving a reprieve to "low rated teachers".

    This was harmful because there is no such thing - only 1% of teachers actually receive the ratings in question, but teachers do not accept the metric in the first place.

    It also looks like politicians are doing teachers a favor, a perfect PR item for anti-union forces.

    So stick this piece of garbage legislation back where it belongs, in the trash bin.