Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Pipeline by Matt Prestbury

Privately run schools and privately owned prisons
We live in the fruition of Orwellian visions
Our children are chattel 
gettin lost in the shadows
And being held hostage in political battles
The rhetoric's high while teachers' morale is low
Everyday public schools get dealt another death blow
Then another vet goes
Fed up with the forecast
Replaced by a carpetbagger who won't endure past
The two or three years of their obligation
Cause they ain't obligated to this occupation
They only want to rise up to higher positions
To be better able to do their master's biddin 

While teachers who stay for years are anachronisms
We're now like dinosaurs 
Reformers pine for more
Power, politicians pockets lined for sure
They hide behind closed doors
As they work to close more
School buildings but these fools building prisons galore
Hunger strikes get ignored
Protests against the madness and the starvation
Being forced upon school children in our nation
They can't eat and digest the knowledge that is needed
Their minds shrink and then they suffer from internal bleedin
Can't believe what I'm seein
Will this end within my lifetime
Or will we have a never ending birth to prison pipeline

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