Wednesday, December 3, 2014

BAT Administrators Make Statement About Eric Garner Case

The 51 Administrators of the Badass Teachers Association are, again, deeply disturbed by yet another grand jury finding. Today a Grand Jury in New York found that a police officer, David Pantaleo, would not be charged in the choke-hold death of Eric Garner.
The failure of another District Attorney's office to obtain an indictment of a police officer, in this case is surreal and appalling.
-The death was ruled a homicide by the New York City Medical Examiner and the choke-hold was determined to be the official cause of death.
- Choke-holds, like the one used in this case, are specifically banned by the NYPD, as they are known to cause complications or death.
- Mr. Garner is shown on video screaming, "I can't breathe!", as he was being choked.
We are concerned that the continued sense of injustice and
devaluation of the lives of people of color will continue by law enforcement around the country. We are concerned that the children we teach, specifically our students of color, will continue to live in fear, continue to distrust law enforcement, and feel that their lives are worth less than others.
When the BAT Administrators issued a statement against the Ferguson Grand Jury's finding, our page suffered a backlash from some members who did not understand or were plainly against our stance on institutionalized racism. Some left, but more have joined, since. These are major events and issues of great importance to our students and communities and, along with public education, we have a duty to reflect and respond to them.
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  1. Michelle Murphy Ramey- BAT admin and 3rd Grade Teacher

  2. Jen Scriba - BAT & 3rd Grade Teacher