Monday, January 27, 2014

What if we fought back against Race To The Top ?
What if we said no to standardized Testing?
What if we said Poverty matters?
What if we said NCLB failed miserably to bring equity to our schools?
What if we said children are more than test scores?...
What if we closing local schools is not a sign of success?
What if we asked for an accounting of every single NCLB trillion dollar spent?
What if we said class size matters?
What if we all opted out of the single biggest education policy failure in history?
What if we stood together?

Here's to the resisters, the fighters, the SOSers, the Opt Outers, the BATs.
To those rank and file teachers and parents in Moral Monday Carolinians, Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia who are occupying our boards of education, our legislatures, and our streets.
I salute all of you beautiful people refusing to say yes madness!
Silence and apathy are not principles of democracy, but speaking up, standing up, and marching are.
Come join us in this struggle to take our schools from the money changers.

Jesse The Walking Man Turner

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